Weekend Getaway

Hope springs eternal.

We tried going away for two days over memorial day weekend. The second night, after a second bedtime Lila spent trying to jump up and down on her air mattress and playing peekaboo while Molly patiently said, over and over again, “Lila, it’s not peek-a-boo time”, I placed an order for a full sized rental crib when we go to the beach later this summer. We will work towards Lila sleeping on her air mattress, but I’m not going to endure a week of bedtime gymnastics. She spent most of the first night trying to climb from the mattress to the bed, or holding onto the mattress and jumping on the air mattress. The second night she was slightly more willing to stay on the air mattress but kept trying to pull the blanket off of Molly in order to play peek-a-boo.

The weirdest part was definitely that on Saturday afternoon, I put her in her room, closed the door, and she whined for a minute and then was quiet for two hours. We didn’t bring the monitor so we have no idea if she napped. But she was quiet. And didn’t hurt herself. And we didn’t hear any jumping on the bed. And she was bleary and on her bed when she woke up and started making noise, which suggests she napped. She naps on a cot at daycare, so maybe that is less unfamiliar to her?

The rest of our vacation was low-key, mostly due to the pouring rain and cold temperatures. We were all set to bike and hike but since it rained, there was pretty much nothing to do. We went for a puddle walk where we discovered that Lila’s puddlesuit is not terribly waterproof these days, but she did walk several blocks holding hands or standing safely next to us, rather than running into the street. She has finally grown into her tiny rain boots and they stayed on her feet, which I considered a huge success. We walked down to the water and looked at boats, and then went back to our Air BnB.

We went to the library later in the day and after a brief survey of their amazing train table, treehouse, and duplo selection, Lila decided that what she really wanted to do was pull all the paper books off the shelves.

After we had quite enough of that, we headed back to our rental, where Lila made it very clear that she was NOT a baby and did NOT need her booster seat that we keep in the car.

Photo shows Lila eating from a small takeout container used for condiments.  She is not wearing a shirt.
She was only willing to get back up in her seat after she saw that I had a condiment container and she climbed up on my lap, pointed at it, and signed, “open”. Also we forgot bibs.

Eventually she begrudgingly ate some food while sitting at the table. When we got back from the trip, we swapped out her car booster seat for a more toddler friendly one that will allow her to feel like she’s sitting in the regular chair, but also restrain her from wandering around and demanding people rock her baby dolls to sleep when they are just trying to eat their dinners.

Fortunately, we had planned this trip to come home on Sunday rather than Monday, which meant we got a day at home to unpack and settle in, rather than hanging out in more rain. It was really nice to get away, mostly because the place we got away to didn’t have very much for Lila to destroy and we could let her roam around without causing too much trouble, but it was even nicer to come home to a familiar environment and her crib.