September marches on

How are we this week? Last Monday I was notified that therapists from Infants and Toddlers would go back in person! Yay! I immediately emailed daycare. Five minutes later I got a message that they are only going back in person for home visits. Considering all we had heard from our therapists and everyone else was that the major concern was going into people’s homes, this makes…very little sense. But, our speech therapist had an 8am spot on Tuesday so she came back and it was great. Well, it was stressful because apparently some people in my house think that we should clean our house for our speech therapist to come into our house and evidently my attitude of, “if the coaching model means integrating speech into our regular lives, shouldn’t we keep the house looking like it regularly looks?” was not helpful. Anyway, I cleared the table, Mark cleaned the rest of the house, and then we sat on the floor anyway.

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