Punk Toddler

We saw Lila’s GI on Monday, at an appointment that was scheduled after she lost weight and since she really hasn’t gained any weight in the past 8+ months. (She’s hanging out between 22 and 23 pounds, she’s around 34-35 inches tall.) His diagnosis, when I explained that she doesn’t want to sit in her high chair, wants to get up and down constantly during dinner, and licks one piece of her food and then declares herself “all done”, was that it “seems like she’s just being a punk toddler.” We even tried adjusting Lila’s high chair (a Keekaroo Right Height) so that it seemed more like a big kid chair and got rid of the straps. She still was not having it, so Molly was sitting in it for awhile. This past week Lila has been willing to sit in it again, which is progress. (It supports her feet and also helps her be closer to her food and more easily able to feed herself, so it is better if she sits in it.)

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