Back to in-person therapy!

We were able to re-start in-person OT this week! It was so nice to go to a place and talk to people and watch them interact with Lila. I understand the merits of a coaching model but we’ve definitely reached the limit of virtual OT.
Lila was hesitant at first but warmed up very quickly and had a great time. We’ve been strict about masking but having no masks in this context was really helpful. We also got some good ideas on skills to work on at home with her and ways to encourage that.

I’ve been trying to work on Lila’s cross reach for forever but she won’t let me. But she was totally thrilled to have OT Katie hold down one hand and force her to reach across with the other.

She also got to build a tower and then push a dump truck down a path of cones to knock it over.

Since our regional center services are still virtual, we wound up going through a private provider and now will get to navigate the process of insurance claims and payment. We are hoping to start private speech next week and hopefully start moving forward regardless of when the city decides to resume in-person services.